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Anyone else with visual snow/Auras?

Hi there, I am new to this forum. I am so happy to have found it. I have joined because I recently got a diagnosis that seems so unclear/unsatisfying, and I am really hoping others have heard the same thing, and are okay. (And have learned to live with visual snow). I had my first optical migraine/aura about ten years ago. It was visual and did not come with pain. Since then I get them maybe about once or twice a year, without pain. But as you know, they are terrifying b/c its a bright zigzagging line in your vision that you see even with your eyes shut! I thought I was going blind the first time I had one. A few weeks ago I started to get only what I can describe as shaky vision: everything is clear but its like a strobe light is flickering in my vision, sort of like steam rising or heat waves. I went online and visual snow seemed closest to what I am experiencing in terms of the movement, but I don’t see the dots.


my friend complains about it and she does have Migraine problem !

Did you guys ever try using medicinal marijuana for severe headache or migraine? I'm really curious about this matter and wanted to ask if you guys have any experience using cannabis. I came across some article that says medicinal marijuana can help you cope with these types of problem and some other health issues. visit this  I have 0% experience using cannabis so I'm hoping some of you guys can enlighten me and give me more information about this. Thanks!