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Lupus and Marijuana?

I have read many articles suggesting highly concentrated cannabis oil can be effective and alternative meds for people suffering with lupus. Pain and inflammation are two commonly recognized therapeutic properties of cannabis, so its ability to treat lupus effectively is not surprising. Like this review on a Northern Lights strain from This  plant has very high CBD and pain suppresing effect. Let me also hear your thoughts or personal experience when it come with medical marijuana. Thanks

Medical Marijuana can be useful for those who have unstoppable headaches.

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Why Can not Doctors Cure Your Lupus? I think I know.

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Great info! I will surely visit on them later. Anyways, there have some natural supplements which help a person to recover his/her pain. I recent tried Kratom from Even I have seen a few guys who are suffering from pain for a long long time they get relief by using Kratom. This one is much more useful for the people who are suffering from mental anxiety too. Besides, there have some other benefits too. So undoubtedly Kratom is much useful and effective for the human.


Lupus can be life-threatening if not treated properly. Although there is no cure for Lupus at the moment, I found out that CBD works very well in terms of treating the symptoms of Lupus. Keep in mind that Cannabidiol will not treat Lupus as there is no proven cure for this autoimmune disease yet, but it's quite effective when it comes to relieving the symptoms so I greatly recommend it for those who are suffering from Lupus.

For what reason Can not Doctors Cure Your Lupus? I think I know Within story on Dr. Gary M. Levins momentous Lupus Total Symptom Elimination. There is Hope!