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HHP Patient Advocacy Program

Patient Advocacy includes advocacy provided by trained volunteers as well as by professional advocates.

Advocacy is about supporting people who are not being heard about what they want. An advocate listens to a patient experiencing difficulty in order to understand their position, inform them about choices and options and then help them take action.

Patient advocacy is about empowering patients to use their right of autonomy in the healthcare system. It’s about informing patients about resources and inspiring confidence and ownership in their care plan.

Patient advocacy is not and does not involve giving patients advice or counseling, deciding on how to prioritize options, providing personal opinion, or withholding personal health information.


Patient advocacy is a growing trend, studies show that healthcare outcomes are better when patients are proactive about their health. There is no better time to help decrease barriers to patient advocacy and make a global impact on how patient advocacy is delivered.

Partnering with HHP

As part of HHP’s philosophy of collaboration, we are committed to partnering with local community health groups and associations to support quality improvements in healthcare, better population health and lower costs for all stakeholders. At HHP, we are excited to work with partners in this new program by promoting the sharing of best practices and allowing the dissemination of information and data worldwide.

HHP works in partnership to deliver patient advocacy training and case management which can be stand alone or integrated with the other elements of HHP IMPACT, Real-World Data and Learning Academy. HHP provides Advocacy Training and a Case Management System which included feedback and monitoring and outcomes and impact data.


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