You have questions. The world has answers. The Human Health Project has made a space to bring together the experiences from people using many different forms of health care. We will connect you with people across the world who share conventional, complementary, alternative and holistic health information about their health conditions so that you can be informed, engaged, and empowered.

For three years, Dr. Phil Harrington went on a frustrating hunt from doctor to doctor to find answers for a diagnosis. Even with access to modern healthcare, a background in medicine, and the choice for many opinions, the answers eluded him.

He knows that not everyone has the same access to health care as he did. This experience was a glaring example of the lack of integration among medical sciences.

This ordeal sparked the idea of HHP, and a free, online portal available to all with the goal to:

– Improve access to health information

– Empower self-management of health conditions

– Promote health equality for people all over the world, regardless of geography or financial status

– Create Peer-to-Peer support communities for better health

– Make healthcare more accessible to ALL

HHP is run by volunteers and donors. It is dedicated to helping those who seek answers to their health questions and to making health care information available to those all over the world. HHP is dedicated to building communities that help promote wellness and empower those who have questions.