Human Health Project‘s (HHP) foundation is built upon peer-to-peer health information, education, and support. Through our programs, our objective is to empower individuals locally and globally to manage their health.

HHP was founded in 2002 by Dr. Phil Harrington who had spent three years trying to find a diagnosis which sparked the idea for HHP. Today we are made up of a small core staff with 80+ volunteers, 30+ board members and advisers, spread around the world.

Our Vision

To be the leading global resource for peer-to-peer health information, education, and support

Our Mission

HHP’s mission is to promote peer-to-peer holistic health with three pillars: Information, Education and Support, whereby people around the world can help each other with their health issues, reducing inequities in health outcomes. HHP has a special focus on the underserved and vulnerable population groups, as well as the elderly and their caregivers.

Our Values

Patient-Centered Healthcare

HHP supports the patient empowerment movement
and e-patient initiatives. We believe medicine should
be participatory, and that individuals who are
equipped with the most accurate and up-to-date
health information, education, and support are
empowered to make informed health decisions for
themselves and those in their care.

Peer-Led Patient Advocacy

Peer-Led patient advocacy is about supporting
people who are not being heard in the healthcare
system, and empowering them to use their right of
autonomy. Through sharing of information,
experiences, and resources, advocates inspire
patients to have confidence and take ownership in
their care plan.

Health Information Access

We believe people have a right to accurate and
unbiased information about all types of medicines
including conventional, alternative and Integrative.
We believe free access to health information is not a
privilege, but rather a human right that should be
granted to every individual regardless of geographic
location, social class, or financial position.

Local Partnerships &
Volunteer Opportunities

Our mission transcends borders, and we
embrace partnerships with other nonprofit
organizations. We are primarily volunteer-based
and rely on local volunteers and partnerships to
help us fulfill our mission. Through our
partnerships and volunteers, we aim to improve
the lives of the most underserved and vulnerable
communities around the world.

The Universal Declaration
of Human Rights

Human Health Project recognizes The Universal Declaration of
Human Rights by the United Nations. Click below to read more.


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