We are extremely grateful to all our amazing team members, volunteers, advisers, board members and funders who allow us to continue Human Health Project’s (HHP) mission while remaining independent, integrative and unbiased.

HHP‘s foundation is built upon peer-to-peer health information, education, and support. Through our programs, our objective is to empower individuals locally and globally to manage their health. We are made up of a small core staff with 80+ volunteers, 30+ board members and advisers, spread around the world.

In 2015, HHP commenced development of its product HHP360v1 with release in 2016 of its Real-World Data Program. Peer-Led Patient Advocacy is planned for launch in 2019 Belfast and Los Angeles with more cities being added in 2020. HHP Connect (patient empowerment meet ups) is planned for launch as well as the online program, Crowdsourced Diagnosis in 2020.

Work is underway on the development of HHP360v2: This is a mobile/web-based app that includes all the HHP360v1 programs integrated together and is planned for launch in 2021.

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