Self -paced Online Learning

This program is for patient and caregivers who are:

  • Coping with a new diagnosis
  • Struggling to manage an existing condition such as a chronic disease
  • Interested in improving the quality of care they or their loved ones receive
  • Feeling overwhelmed by a fragmented and complex healthcare system
  • Trying to decide between treatment options and which one is appropriate for their situation

The Learning Academy is designed for anyone interested in becoming an empowered patient, empowered caregiver, patient advocate, or those seeking to understand patient engagement and patient-centered care.

Throughout this program, participants will learn key concepts to help better navigate the healthcare system. Tools, information and support will also be provided to help patients feel more confident when facing complex life-changing decisions.

Our Courses

What to do When You Can’t Get a Diagnosis

How Real-World Data Is Transforming HealthCare

Finding Credible Information Online (How to Research Online and the ePatient)

Patient Empowerment & the ePatient Movement (How to Stand Up for Yourself and be Heard)

Understanding the Language of Health (Health Literacy)

Your Rights as a Patient
(Patient Bill of Rights)

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Patient Advocacy

HHP provides access to a supportive peer-to-peer

Real-World Data

HHP’s global surveys compile health data to help individuals make informed health decisions.

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