Human Health Project (HHP) has a three-pronged foundation: peer-to-peer information, education and support. Our objective is to empower people to manage their own health.

Patient Advocacy

Peer-Led Patient Advocacy supports those who are not being heard in the healthcare system. Through sharing of experiences and resources, advocates inspire patients to take ownership of their care plans. HHP trains volunteers to serve as peer navigators and patient advocates, and connects them with individual patients and through community partnerships.

Real World Data

Through the RWD program, HHP provides independent information from our community, to help people make better healthcare decisions. Currently, thousands of people with Migraine and Lupus share their experiences and learn from each other about causes, symptoms and the latest treatment options. Going forward, HHP will grow to include all health conditions.

Patient Education

HHP educates people to be empowered patients and caregivers. Throughout this program participants learn concepts to better navigate the healthcare system,  including knowledge of local healthcare systems.

Our project is growing and we want you to be a part of it.
More People. More Information. Better Health.