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Patient-Driven Data & Diagnosis: The New Trailblazers in Health Research

This Course includes: Short Videos Full transcripts of video content Key points in PDF Self assessment quizzes Lifetime access


What You'll Learn:

  • How to gauge the accuracy of online information
  • How to read academic papers and research studies
  • What real-world data is, who uses it, and how it is used
  • The difference between real-world data and clinical trials data
  • The difference between misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis
  • Steps you can take to avoid getting an inaccurate diagnosis


Patient-driven data is an essential component of the health care ecosystem. It informs research, diagnosis, and treatment decisions, as well as enabling patients to take control of their health outside their doctor's office.

This course will highlight how patient data provides insight for other patients and improves the patient experience of those who have similar symptoms and conditions. From finding credible information online, to understanding symptoms and getting a diagnosis, patient-driven data is revolutionizing healthcare and empowering patients in their medical decisions.

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