It is important to be mindful about the changes in our body. Simple vital signs such as body temperature and blood pressure give us information about how our body is doing. We can even keep track of our weight, height, mood, and stress level. However, did you know that simple indicators such as feces and urine can tell us a lot about our health? (Nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone has these bodily functions!) Keeping track of these indicators is lifesaving! Our bodies are complex, but it is often very easy to see if we are not hydrated enough, need more fiber in our diet, or if a trip to the doctor is in order.

For example, dark colored urine is usually a sign of dehydration and means that one should drink more water. Additionally, pellet like poop is also an abnormal occurrence. If you are having a hard time passing stool due to constipation and are not getting the normal “S” or torpedo shaped stool, drinking prune juice (or eating prunes) is a natural and safe remedy. For this problem, some people also swear by psyllium husk. To find out more about what your body may be telling you, check out the following infographic below (designed by Kim Snyder). Remember: look before you flush.


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