Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with Health Literacy.

We envision a world where we are preventing Diabetes, not just treating it.

Overview: “Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with Health Literacy” builds upon our successful, ongoing, Healthcare Access, health literacy program which includes short Patient Education video courses, Peer-led Patient Advocacy workshops and Peer to Peer Panels with Patients and Experts.

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Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program

Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most preventable diseases. Ensuring vulnerable communities such as the underserved and vulnerable, senior citizens, those with chronic health conditions, and non-native English speakers have access to free healthcare literacy will reduce the amount of Type 2 Diabetes present in these populations. All elements of the program will be delivered initially in English and Spanish with additional languages added over time. The program will be completely free of charge to the clients.

Client Intake

HHP’s approach combining health literacy, a healthy gut microbiome, correct nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and support is scientifically based. We are seeking funding to provide healthcare literacy through workshops, panels with patients and experts, coaching, and a personalized program tailored to each client.

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Program Elements include:

  • • Patient Data, Initial and Follow up:
    Tests, A1C, Lipids, Gut Microbiome (drawn from a patient’s own provider tests as well as by HHP where needed), nutrition, medications, exercise, stress, mindfulness, and Shared Patient Information about triggers/causes, symptoms, treatments, and their outcomes and side effects.
  • • Program powered by you the patient:
    Your detailed pathway, your unique information generates a program to teach you how to improve your health literacy, diet, exercise, mindfulness, medication compliance, and more.
  • • Personalized Foods:
    Recipes, meal suggestions, exercise, mindfulness, activities, coaching, and more, updated on a monthly basis with social prescription activities in workshops, panels, 1on1 and group matching, etc.
  • • Short video courses:
    • Stress and Food
    • Metabolic Syndrome: Diabetes Under Cover
    • Changing Your Food Environment
    • Fructose, the Invisible Killer
  • • Workshops:
    • Understanding and Managing Diabetes
    • What Fructose is and How Not to Eat It
  • • Support Groups, 1on1 Patient Matching, and Coaching

Patient Advocacy Workshops:

Your generosity supports patient advocacy through Zoom workshops. Gain confidence, understand your rights, and access healthcare resources while fostering a community of informed patients and allies.

Learning Academy:

The Learning Academy is designed for anyone interested in becoming an empowered patient, empowered caregiver, or those seeking to understand patient engagement and patient-centered care.

Real World Data Program:

Support our Real-World Data Health surveys. We’ve collected data on Migraine and Lupus and with your help, we are actively working on adding more health conditions.

Online Peer to Peer Events:

These events, which typically include a Learning Academy course title, include patients and experts sharing their experience and knowledge.

Dedicated Volunteers:

The Human Health Project is made up of a small core staff with over 100 volunteers, 30+ board members, and advisers spread around the world. These dedicated volunteers are a vital part of our mission.

Local Partnerships:

We forge local alliances to extend healthcare support to underserved communities, a cornerstone of our mission to empower individuals and enhance health outcomes.

Thank you for being a part of our mission. Join us this holiday season in making health and well-being understandable and accessible to all. Donate today and help us change lives for the better.