Stress is any factor, physical or psychological that impedes optimum performance. Stress occurs whenever humans must adapt to change, which makes it an inevitable part of life. Stress is not something that can be completely avoided or gotten rid of, but it is important to try to minimize stress.

If stressed, try some of the tips below:

1. When individuals are stressed, some tend to overeat or others may even forget to eat. It is important to eat a well-balanced meal for nutrients to fight off stress and for a healthy body. Craving comfort food? Pick a healthy option, like a bowl of soup. Be very careful not to overeat. If weight changes occur due to overeating, this may trigger even more stress.


2. Try to sleep on time and wake up on time for a regular schedule. A well rested body is less prone to stress. Lacking sleep can hinder performance in all tasks and it may even cause mood swings.


3.  Give yourself an opportunity to have a clear mind to make wise decisions. Try going to the gym or even for a walk. Yoga also works because it reinforces the idea that one should remember to breathe.  Go to a favorite quiet place to meditate. Visualize your goals. Close your eyes and remember an obstacle that you have overcome in the past. Start thinking in line about your current situation with that experience. Since a common barrier to excellent performance is an excessive awareness of one’s weakness, it is more beneficial to focus on your strengths.

4. Vent your issues, voice your concerns. Talk to a trusted individual whom you know will give good advice. You can also express your feelings in a journal. Writing your problems where you can see them will help you make sense of them. In some situations, moving on is best and usually the first step taken; however, ignoring a problem or failing to recognize that one exists will not make it disappear. In fact, it may only get worse over time. Effectively confronting your issues will help solve them.

5. Time management is the key to gaining control in life. Prioritize yourself. Trying to do too many things at once may just cause even more frustration. If you are overwhelmed with tasks, make a list of everything that must get done. Then put it in order from most important to least important and get to work. If you have been putting off something for a while, getting it done will boost your confidence.

6. Spend some time doing things that you love. Give yourself a break and do at least one fun activity a day, even if it is just laughing with friends or watching a funny movie.