Donating to Human Health Project can help achieve the organization’s mission in providing peer-to-peer information, education, and support to empower patients. In noting that donations can be a set amount of $50.00, $100.00, or $250.00, or a specific amount of the donor’s choosing, the donations made to HHP can be impactful. The link to donate to Human Health Project can be found here:

The donations made to Human Health Project can help make an impact through courses in its Learning Academy, new conditions being launched in the Real-World Data program, HHP’s Peer-to-Peer Patient Workshops program through its Patient Advocacy program, as well as online events.   

In regard to HHP’s Learning Academy, in the first quarter of 2022, HHP released online and on mobile apps its first publicly available three module course: Patient-Driven Data & Diagnosis: The New Trailblazers in Health Research. With the assistance of donations, HHP will launch a second three module course, Patient Empowerment 101 in the second quarter of 2022. HHP plans to launch four additional courses per year in the coming years for its Learning Academy. With regards HHP’s Real-World Data program, the current Migraine and Lupus data has presented significant information regarding Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments. HHP’s goal, from the help of donations, is to launch two new health conditions in 2022, and four in 2023, for its Real-World Data program.

In regard to HHP’s Patient Advocacy program, HHP is in the process of developing its Peer to Peer Patient Advocacy Workshops program titled, “Understanding The Healthcare System in Northern Ireland.” This program will include an eleven module course. The release is targeted to commence in the US in 2022, as well as in additional countries in 2023. In addition, in October 2020, HHP also launched its Online Peer to Peer Events. The most recent event was titled “Building Your Healthcare Team with a focus on Alzheimer’s and Dementia,” and took place in 2021. HHP’s goal with funding is to grow the number of events from four in 2021, to six in 2022, and ten in 2023.

The donations made to Human Health Project can continue to have an impact through its core programs. The donations towards Human Health Project are ultimately a positive step forward in the organization’s goal of assisting patients with their healthcare needs, as well as seeking to create healthy communities.

Human Health Project (HHP) Programs

Human Health Project (HHP) Programs HHP is a comprehensive holistic health literacy charity. Explore our Real World Data on health conditions like Migraine and Lupus, featuring Causes/Triggers, Treatments, outcomes, and side effects (more conditions being added). Dive into our Learning Academy's short patient education video courses covering topics like Your Rights as a Patient, How to Research Online as an ePatient, and Peer-led Patient Advocacy Workshops. Don't miss our upcoming and past Peer-to-Peer event videos.