The Learning Academy from Human Health Project is designed for individuals who seek to become an empowered patient or caregiver. Through the Learning Academy, individuals will better understand the healthcare system through featured courses. The Learning Academy is specialized for patients and caregivers who are dealing with a new diagnosis, struggling to control a condition such as a prolonged disease, feeling inundated by the complexities of the healthcare system, interested in improving the quality of care they receive, or trying to decide between treatment options. 

The featured course, Patient-Driven Data and Diagnosis, demonstrates the effectiveness of the Learning Academy. This course seeks to improve the patient experience. One of the primary goals of the course is to provide information on research, diagnosis, and treatment decisions, as well as help patients to take control of their health. The aspects of this course designed to improve learning include short videos and self-assessment quizzes, that are connected to making healthcare information more accessible for patients.

Ultimately, by completing the Patient-Driven Data and Diagnosis course patients can feel more empowered in making their medical decisions. Patients who seek to better understand their own symptoms and better understand the healthcare system would benefit greatly from the course. Individuals who want to learn more information regarding their future health needs would benefit from this course as well. The Patient-Driven Data and Diagnosis course enables patients to take control of their health outside their doctor’s office. The course highlights the impact of the Learning Academy, which is a vital element of Human Health Project. 

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Human Health Project (HHP) Programs HHP is a comprehensive holistic health literacy charity. Explore our Real World Data on health conditions like Migraine and Lupus, featuring Causes/Triggers, Treatments, outcomes, and side effects (more conditions being added). Dive into our Learning Academy's short patient education video courses covering topics like Your Rights as a Patient, How to Research Online as an ePatient, and Peer-led Patient Advocacy Workshops. Don't miss our upcoming and past Peer-to-Peer event videos.