Human Health Project’s Patient Advocacy program is effective for all population groups, and it can particularly impact low-income and underprivileged communities. Individuals who lack the resources to benefit from quality healthcare access would benefit significantly from HHP’s Patient Advocacy program.

 Patient advocates as a part of HHP’s program can be trained volunteers. Through HHP’s Patient Advocacy program, a patient advocate seeks to understand the patient’s position, provides information about choices and options, and then helps the patient take action. The role of an advocate, who is informing patients about resources, would have a significant impact on low-income communities. Individuals in low-income populations might be struggling from a healthcare perspective, and would benefit greatly from the assistance of a patient advocate. The resources that a low-income patient would receive from a patient advocate would enable a patient to be more informed and educated about specific healthcare needs. Resources provided by a patient advocate can also help with improving the quality of health for a patient who is low-income as well.      

In addition, Human Health Project’s commitment to partnering with local community health groups and associations to promote patient advocacy can help to support improvements in healthcare for low-income groups. In addition to the healthcare related benefits that low-income individuals would experience as a result of connecting with community health groups, these groups can also provide financial assistance to low-income individuals that may help lower healthcare costs. While patient advocacy regarding an individual discussion with a patient can be effective, the social and economic impact that community health groups can have on low-income communities in the field of advocacy is also significant as well.  

To conclude, HHP’s Patient Advocacy program can be effective to a vast array of individuals and communities. The Patient Advocacy program would have a strong impact on low-income communities, who may not have the monetary resources to receive information regarding their healthcare needs, and would benefit significantly from patient advocacy. 

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